Why Wildeflowers

The world’s first intelligent hot chocolate has arrived! Wildeflowers tonics adapt to your body’s needs for all-natural, enhanced energy. Experience Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at its finest while sipping our delicious raw cacao blends. Wildeflowers worked with a master herbalist to create formulas for optimal health, beauty, and performance. Finding these ingredients separately and trying to formulate them properly could cost you hundreds of dollars. At Wildeflowers we make it affordable and convenient to experience the amazing effects of TCM.


Wildeflowers is a perfect coffee substitute if you are looking for a new way to wake up. The herbs and superfoods have a synergistic effect on the body to provide sustained, all-natural energy. No caffeine or stimulants required, just amazing ingredients to keep you alert and centered throughout the day. All you need is hot water and the drink spins up like a cappuccino. Add a creamer if you like, or even serve cold. Wildeflowers can be savored any way you please.